Axios S.r.l.s. Unipersonale actively engages in the protection of personal data entrusted,
with regard to the management of the data of their employees and their suppliers.
Axios S.r.l.s. Unipersonale asks all the companies that cooperate with it that the personal data were handled with the same fairly and
lawfully to guarantee their protection.
Axios S.r.l.s. Unipersonale is committed to respecting and respecting its employees and external collaborators the principles
illustrated in this document.
Axios S.r.l.s. Unipersonalein accordance with the principles presented above:

  • communicates and disseminates its own policy regarding the protection of personal data;
  • shall provide all the necessary information to allow the personal data access and revision from the owner .
  • processes personal data:
    • in a lawful, correct and transparent manner in line with the constitutional principles and with the legislation in this area;
    • only for the time strictly necessary for the planned purposes, including those for complying with legal obligations;
  • collects personal data limiting itself to those indispensable to carry out the activities (pertinent and limited personal data);
  • processes personal data according to the principles of institutional transparency only for the purposes connected with:
    • the employment relationship;
    • compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • adopts processes for updating and correcting the personal data processed to ensure that personal data is, as far as possible,
    correct and up to date;
  • it preserves and protects the personal data in its possession with the best possible technologies and undertakes to guarantee
    continuous updating of its systems.
  • Train your staff so that there is a correct use of the personal data collected and there is the correct awareness towards the
    treatment of the most sensitive data.
  • complies with the laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal data – prevents and minimizes, compatibly with
    available company resources, the impact of potential violations or unlawful and / or harmful processing of personal data, whether
    they are violations or treatments of an accidental or malicious nature.
    To guarantee the above, the Data Controller of Axios S.r.l.s. Unipersonale, periodically updates its staff and its systems to ensure
    better protection and efficiency in the processing of the same.
    The following policy was brought to the attention of all the individuals who make up the staff of Axios S.r.l.s. Unipersonale so that
    they can actively participate in it.

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